Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To it and at it, and at it and to it

So, I'm home, in Vancouver. I finished my finals (I like 20th century literature. However, I'm sure the Russian people are a fine and noble people, but I kind of hate their history right now). And I had Christmas with my family.

My family doesn't have the big holiday traditions some families seem to - perhaps because until recent years our family who lived nearby wasn't huge. So Christmas Eve and such we mostly sit back and try to relax, such as walking traditional holiday fare like Thank You For Smoking (funny!) and Bon Cop, Bad Cop (SEE THIS MOVIE).

So, after watching Bon Cop, Bad Cop, I was naturally thinking about Canadian movies. This is an inevitability; if you don't, then I'm not sure we were watching the same movie. And I asked my parents if they'd ever seen a movie called Goin' Down the Road.

This movie is really good; not exactly a laugh-fest (duh, it's Canadian - joking, joking, I swear), but very interesting. A large part of it revolves around the theme common in Canadian cinema that life is 'elsewhere', which is particularly intriguing because -

Wait, why am I jabbering on when there's an excellent SCTV parody of Goin' Down the Road? Even if you've never seen the movie, this is hilarious.

Part 1

Part 2

Marry Christmas.


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