Friday, November 24, 2006

88 rows about 44 yarns

It's exam and essay season, and you know what that means: lots of blog posting while I avoid writing/studying! Yay! [waves arms about in a generally ridiculous and Kermit-esque way]

So, what have I been doing with myself? Well, there's this:

Excuse my lamentable photography. You and I both know she looks better than that. Less blurry, too.

1. The travelling sock. Fleece Artist, and it makes me yearn for Fleece Artist sock yarn so bad. Preferably in a pair of Pomatomi or those ripple weave socks from VK. Can you tell I've been thinking about this?

2. Mitres, and lots of em. I was finishing the last square that day. I wanted to see if I could finish the last square with only this much yarn.
I was wrong.
Anyway, it basically looks the same now, except for a very thin (5 garter ridges) on either of the long edges in "Tree Bark Mix", a colour they don't have up on the Patons site yet. And it's only taken me about 10 hours, no joke. Seeing yet why it's going to be a thin border?

3. The wedding shawl. I touched it. It's beyond words.

4. The beaded socks. You know, looking at this setup, my yarn-covered desk doesn't feel quite so wrong.

Stephanie was absolutely delightful. Funny, and talented, and very smart. We (by which I mean the migrating, ever-changing group hanging around the table) even got into a tiny religion discussion and everything was good. She's very, very funny, and had never seen Patons SWS before. She was right excited.

So, other than that excitement, what's going on here? Well, what do you think? Lots of yarn flyin' about. I finished this:

That's one plain ole sock in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, in Argyle. 72 stitches on 2 mm needles. And no, it's not self-striping. You can see it's variegated in that big pool of red in the gusset. The red parts spiraled so it striped. I really, really wish it hadn't - I bought variegated yarn for reason - but I'm very laissez-faire about this sort of thing. But I really do like Alison's socks in this colourway.

Pictured with Tab, nectar of the gods ("it's not Red Bull, so it's OK!").

Expected time that the 2nd sock will be done? Oh, only about 3 years or so. Did I mention the 72 sts? I am also currently knitting the plain jane sock to the right. It's Fortissima Colori. And, to demonstrate just how true it is that my mind doesn't work so well late and on energy drinks? Right now I think it would be the funniest thing if someone did a version of Hello, Dolly!, except it would be Hello, Kitty! Yeah, I know, I think I should copyright that RIGHT NOW too!

This is Danica, knit out of that Fleece Artist Kid Aran I knit a lacy wrap out of this summer. I didn't like how it turned out, but more importantly, I couldn't see where I would wear it, or who I could give it to. So it's turning into entrelac, but only really when I'm so bored by everything else I'm knitting that I feel like it. Which isn't very likely when I'm knitting this:

Oooh. Ahhh. A striped scarf. My, you daredevil, etc.

Wait for it . . .

So. Damn. Cool.


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