Monday, October 23, 2006

Things I've noticed lately

Alfred paper was done and duly handed in. I've been prepping for another paper, and working at Quizno's (sandwich artiste, thank you) and saving my pennies for the Inspirations Needlecraft show. I don't really feel like a full post, but I thought I'd record a few things that I've noticed lately:

A license plate that said "NOSPOON". This was even better when I walked past the car and noticed that it was . . . anyone? . . . a Toyota Matrix.

A poster for a show featuring a band named "Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend". Oh yeah, way to get people to come out and see you, boys. I think I'm going to go weep into my eyeliner. (OK, fine, I do think it's kinda funny too.)

A tag on my Joe Boxers that, under the washing instructions, reads (I kid you not) "CHANGE DAILY." Of course! That was the part I was forgetting. No wonder it was hard to fit them into the washing machine. Even better than that? They've trademarked that saying.

Inside a Hershey bar wrapper: "Candy is a treat. Please consume in moderation." Oh crap, if only they'd written it on the outside . . . [falls over in diabetic coma]


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

1) I don't get the NOSPOON joke.
2) Have fun at the show - are you taking any classes or just wandering & "not-buying"?
3) Good luck on the paper-in-progress.
4) We have GOT to go see a movie together at the VanCity Theatre at the Vancouver Int'l Film Centre! Great theatre, comfy chairs, even a balcony. Freshened-up print of "Raiders" last night was a real treat. Bot a membership so I'll get the calendar in the mail (& updates by email).
5) Have fun at the needlework show. See your LYS is one of the sponsors, yay to them.
6) 3bagsfull has been updating their website. That Shopbaby is one cute model. They even have a sign on the store now!
7) Did I mention you shd have some fun at the needlework show?


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