Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Men's shirts, short skirts

I dyed my hair! It certainly took me long enough - I've been thinking of dying it this colour only for about six months. Here's the pic:

Excuse the expression, but it was better than the second-best picture, where I look like a puppy who's just been kicked. The notable thing about this set of photos I took (about nine, because I couldn't get anything I liked) is that - at least on my computer - it looks exactly like me. The colours are exact. So if you've only ever seen me in the photos on this here blog, here's proof that I don't actually have jaundice and/or anemia. (Though I am truly delightfully pale; an Irish redhead in all but [natural] haircolour.)

The hair colour's just what I wanted, too. Clearly dyed, but still pretty red, i.e. I don't look like some sort of Crayola industrial accident. Just call me Belle Watling. (I just realized the colour matches my lens frames. If I had realized this before dying my hair would have turned green, I swear.)

As for the craft frontier, I'm not knitting right now. I wandered into a thrift store today, ostensibly to search for wool seaters to pirate for yarn, and I somehow fell into the record section. It's not that I'm some sort of music buff (that would be my brother), but that I pirate records as well as sweaters. I melt the records into bowls and turn the covers into books - I feel certain I've posted pics of these before, but I can't find them. Anyway, the haul today was un-be-lievable. Gorgeous covers in excellent condition, and a bunch of recognizable titles, which always sell better. A few covers can be seen on the right; I don't know who the Three Suns were but I love them. I had to put back more than half of what I wanted because it was just getting ridiculous.
I haggled, too. Managed to knock 50 cents off the Grease soundtrack and 25 cents off the Sound of Music soundtrack. I had to harangue three clerks to get it, but I saved a whole 75 cents! My Scottish ancestors would be proud.

This is all for a juried (that means I have to apply to get in) craft sale I want to be in, and the application date is Friday. I know I can make better, more professional goods this year, and I want to focus on the books and bowls. They're easier, faster, and cheaper to make than anything else, and they sell better too. I tried knitted stuff last year and all I managed to do was hurt my wrists by knitting 10 hours a day beforehand. Not to mention I had to slash my already just-paying-for-yarn prices by half just to move the stuff. But hey, can't complain: it was mostly stuff I had knitted that was just sitting around anyway. Even if I didn't make a profit, at least I got some return.

Well, off to the sweatshop!


At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Hey, I recognized the song from your quote!
Your hair looks great!


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