Thursday, May 11, 2006

I've got a secret! I've been hiding! Under my skin!

Spoiler warning if you don't want to know what happens at the end of this season of CSI.

I was bored today surfing around, so I got the idea into my head to check out the CBS website for details on the final eps of CSI this season. I've been getting really frustrated with CSI lately - I think it's just fallen prey to its own reputation. "We are a wild and crazy show! Yay! Look at us! Pretty actors! We got sex and lotsa violent crime and drugs and lookit more sex and vampires and werewolves and pr0n (that means sex!) and wheeeeeeeee!" [falls off edge of stage] Also, the Mengele episode. Shudder. I can handle a lot, but not that. But I got back into watching the reruns on Spike, and it really can be good escapist fluff.

So I was on CBS's CSI website, and they have this promotion to search for clues as to what happens in the season finale. You look around in a photo with a magnifying glass and discover exciting things. Also, some parts change when you look at them with the magnifying glass. Here's my screen cap, but you really need to look at the original to get it all.

Yes, it's tiny. Click for bigger.

Here's what I have so far, roughly from left to right (some stuff from various googling):

There's a mark on Nick's neck. It looks like a cut. Also, when did George Eads's face become composed entirely out of tanned hide?

When you pan over Sara's face, she turns her head to the right. It's slightly creepy but also kind of pretty in a Madonna of the Rocks sort of way. Yes, I did just read The Da Vinci Code last week, why do you ask?

Panning over the backwards neon PLAY sign turns it into a backwards neon DEAD sign.

Warrick's prominently-displayed left hand is ringless. We found out he got married in the first episode of this season, and there's been conflicts between him and his wife - I think she was upset about his long hours (my, how original. On a show about law-enforcement officials, no less), and he was upset about her spending time with a male colleague. That's is just off the top of my head, though.

Can't see anything significant about Greg or Doc Robbins. Yes, the good doctor is holding a scalpel, but he is a coroner. Unless he and Nick were in a rumble and he wanted to teach that pretty boy a lesson.

Now we come to the big one, the part of the picture that's screaming "LOOK AT ME! MY GOODNESS, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN?!?!?!": the slumped-over body with the bullet wound. My first thought, even before I noticed the "clues", was that it had to be Brass because he was the only one not pictured. Also, the police badge just falling out of his pocket. Brass is going to die? How sad, and also stupid on the part of the producers/writers/etc.

On the stool (ha ha, you said stool) next to Brass's body, something's written in the dust. First off, dust? On a diner stool? Sigh. Anyway, at first I thought it said "UGx?", but I think I was wrong and it's actually "GG + ?" GG is obviously Gil Grissom. I suppose we're fortunate whoever made this stopped just short of encircling this clue with a heart.

Catherine is dressed unbelievably inappropriately for her job. Oh wait, that's not significant at all because that's what she always does. Next!

There is something in the window of the door between Catherine and Grissom. I can't make it out at all. One forum I found whilst googling suggested it was a couple, but I think I only see that once the idea's in my head.

When you scroll over Grissom's face, his head turns to the left. Now Sara and Grissom are looking at each other. Awwww. I'm not normally a 'shipper, but I really liked the end of last week's episode, and I wouldn't mind someone on this team having a halfway happy life every once in a while. That's why Nick's always the one being stalked and kidnapped and buried alive - he's the only normally-functioning human being who works there.

I'm not sure if this merits an individual mention, but whatever's in the door window changes when Grissom's head moves. I'm pretty sure that's not a lightsabre, but who knows . . .

I just noticed this one! When you pan over Grissom's hand, it changes from being relatively flat against his leg to being extended out - like he's offering me a handshake. You could intrepret all kinds of things from this, but it seems jarring to interpret a hand position as "Well, he's clearly moving from being a private, solitary person to one who is extending out into the world" when the picture shouts, "There's a BODY with a GUN WOUND with a BADGE!"*

Has anyone else noticed anything? Mention it in the comments. Apparently the picture keeps changing, with new details being added - some have mentioned something about Catherine's holster being empty, when I can't see any holster. Point out something new for a cookie! Everybody likes cookies!

*That would be the body that has the badge. Not the gun wound.


At 2:49 AM, Blogger Moepoe said...

When i Look at the pic i found all those AND one you missed :P

look at the row of hotels one disappears :P


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