Friday, March 24, 2006

"Fifty lashes, and then, you walk the plank."

The above quote, by the way, is one of my favourites - spoken by no other than the inimitable Sam the Eagle in Muppet Treasure Island (truly a cinematic masterpiece - what other film features Muppets, a singing Tim Curry, and pirates?!?!?).

But it relates to my actual gist - I have not been writing much actual content lately. Apologies. School has lightened up for about a week or so, and I spent nearly all last weekend watching the entirety of Firefly on DVD. (Captain Tightpants!) But true to form, I am sure I will be struck by the muse or some other such nonsense next week when I will have work to hand in.

So, to distract you, some random stuff.

I'd always been interested when people talked about what search queries and such lead viewers to their site, and I never knew how to find that out. So I asked in the blog section of the Knittyboard and of course got a number of great responses. I've wound up using RetroStats, which so far is quite satisfactory. Plus, you know. Cute little buttons and all that.

It's quite intriguing seeing the referring sites. I have NO idea how RetroStats claims people get from certain sites to mine (nothing naughty, just blogs without similar content or links). But it is a rush to find out when people link to you: for instance, I'm listed here on The 8 Track Knitting Diva's site as someone who's made Kate (scroll waaaay down to see her). And on Auntie Amanda's blog, because I helped her out with making project status bars. (Anyone interested? I still have the text; I'd be willing to post a tutorial.) And also from Melissa's MSN Space. Seriously, I have no comment. Her blog is basically her. Also, to get sappy for a moment, I can't wait until I get home this summer, because I miss you, Moe!

The majority of my visitors are from "Unknown" - how cool is that! I see this as either the infinite blackness of space, or, you know, a fortified island bunker in the Pacific. But I also have people stumbling in from as far away as the UK, Australia and the Phillippines! And the majority speak English, but apparently those who speak Lithuanian, Dutch, Swedish and German have stopped by. (Those languages must be fairly related; perhaps shaxophile resembles a word from one of those languages?)

Of course, the stuff everyone's interested in: search queries. (And, by the way, people actually use MSN search? Colour me shocked.)

isaac mizrahi fairweather ads and isaac mizrahi fairweather model - Uh, Fairweather? You sure? And, actually, how did you get directed here? Wait, I just did a Google search. It was because I mentioned how much I loathed watching Mizrahi before the Oscars and had used a Fairweather shirt for a craft. I am actually eighth in the list for this search! And as a a bonus, "shaxophile" actually shows up in a Google search - it hasn't before. But still, Isaac Mizrahi did Fairweather clothes?

example of buble sort animation - I'm guessing they mean animation of bubbles. Though a kid's TV show with Michael Buble has the possibility of being hi-larious.

must have cardigan - It's right here, darling. Lovely, isn't it? I'm doing it in Paton's Classic in a dark faded denim colour. If you told me a few months ago I'd willingly be making a free Berocco pattern, and being calling it classic and everything, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Shows how a little Norah Gaughan can really class up a joint. And as an aside, as well as being one of my preferred designers, Norah Gaughan has got to have one of the loveliest names ever, really. (Addendum: apparently there is a real pattern called the Must Have Cardigan, designed for no other than Paton's Classic. But I still prefer Hibito.)

lovin%27 spoonful daydream myspace code - Hope you get some help with that aphasia. Really, I'm lost.

sarah needs - Some chocolate. Have started a new "I'm going to get healthy and save money and go to the gym, I mean it, for reals this time" regimen. Waaaaaaant chocolate.


At 11:13 AM, Blogger Brittany said...

Oh my lord! That is cool! I just put sitemeter on my site but it doesn't tell you squat about google searches! Hee hee. I think I'm going to try and figure that one out! ;)


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