Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Governor James Douglas is my hero

I know all I do lately is talk about schoolwork, but that's because that's all I'm doing lately. (Though I did try Moosehead beer today - nice.) Anyway, quick rant. I'm writing this huge (25% of our grade) essay for my Cdn. History course, and my topic is on colonial governments' sexual regulation of colonists. Sadly not as fascinating as you'd think. But anyway, there was this big conflict in BC back in the 1860s where some people were advocating mixed-race marriages, because marriage is good and it'll stop the state of fornication and children born out of wedlock, etc etc etc. Then there were those who opposed this, saying that the racial and moral divide is too large. Allowing white men and Native women to wed will only destroy the sanctity of marriage.

Do you see where I'm going with this???

But then again, it is moments like this, as much as they frustrate me, that make me love history. Because someday our generation will be history, and they will be wondering why we made such a big deal about gay marriage.

Here's hopin'.

PS. Happy birthday to my dad. No matter how cool James Douglas was, my dad will always beat him in who is my hero. It's not fun being away from my family for birthdays, but it's only a short time now until I'm home!


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