Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Knitting Olympics

My darling father phoned me up yesterday. He said to me, "I was listening to the CBC [surely a redundant statement in my family, no?] and there was this woman on talking about something called the Knitting Olympics!"

I had heard about it before, because I have no life and spend all my time reading blogs, but realized that - zut alors! - I had not written anything about it.

So here's the story, chums. I signed up way early. You can see my name on the official page; it's all alphabetical. There I am! It's all official. My plan: to make a pair of socks, obviousment.

But which pair? Hmm. Fortunately, I had a book on that very topic out of the library (fancy that): Socks Socks Socks. Normally I am - well, let's be kind and say not a fan of XRX. They really just don't seem to hire anyone who knows how to make things attractive, really. I mean, take a gander at the cover of that book. "Fine," you say, "the model may be a bit vampiric, and the clothes hopelessly outdated, but that was probably the style in the '80s." Yeah, except the book was published in '99.

ANYWAY. They did, however, have some appealing patterns in here. Not so's I'd buy it (we're talking maybe 16 out of 70 here), but check this action out:

Yeah. Page 41, Tipsy Knitter socks. Cables? Lace? DPNs? Socks? 7.5 sts/inch? Sounds like a challenge, says I.
Progress so far:

I'm not sure if you can see, but the yarn is a beautiful pale pale bud-green - Lang Jawoll yarn. Isn't that the BEST name ever for a yarn?

And you know, I'm not finding them so much of a challenge. A lot of knitters seem to have this block: "Oh, I can't do that, it's so hard!" I am not one of those knitters. This came up at Sit & Knit on Thursday, actually, and I still don't know whether I'm simply honestly talented or plain conceited.

By the way, yesterday was possibly the coldest day yet here. It was brutal. So what do I plan to do today? Why, I'm traveling to Kingston. Smart move.


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