Wednesday, January 25, 2006

95 Things I Like

I'd considered compiling a list of 100 Things About Me, as it is seems to be S.O.P. for most bloggers. But you know what? That's way hard. And, to come up with 100 things, I think I'd need to have some stuff up I'd rather leave off the interweb, thankyewverymuch. So I thought I'd make a list of 100 things I like, or that make me happy. And it took me a couple months but I came up with ninety-five. Yes, it's not 100. Consider it Amish. Or a clever reference to the 95 Theses. Whatever.

  1. The smell on people when they come in from the cold
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Nutmeg
  4. Pirates
  5. Merino wool
  6. Walking into a new yarn store
  7. Hershey’s Almond & Toffee chocolate bars
  8. Shakespeare
  9. The sound of my cousin’s laughter
  10. The smell of fresh bread
  11. Unreliable narrators
  12. Ambiguous endings
  13. The flash I get when I understand a new concept
  14. A warm cat on my lap
  15. Weather where you are perfectly comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans
  16. Chai lattes
  17. Frappucinos
  18. Wandering with friends (Melissa, remember the night we saw Spongebob?)
  19. The fact that the Beatles are the #1 band of all time
  20. The smell of a new book
  21. My Denise interchangeable knitting needles
  22. Terrible puns
  23. Ginger
  24. Waking well-rested
  25. Making someone laugh
  26. Being able to ‘read’ knitting
  27. Terry Pratchett’s sense of humour
  28. The concept of all day breakfasts
  29. Space photographs (even when they’re digitally coloured in)
  30. Being able to quote off the top of my head
  31. When someone recognizes that quote
  32. Trivia contests
  33. Libraries
  34. The smell of the rainforest on the Sunshine Coast
  35. Old-school animation
  36. The best sketch comedy show ever, Kids in the Hall
  37. Kittens
  38. The however misguided belief that I might just be a prodigy at piano playing / driftwood sculpture / cricket / composing sonnets, but I just haven’t tried it yet
  39. A cold glass of filtered water with just a few squeezes of lemon or lime juice
  40. Getting mail
  41. The part with Cyd Charisse in Singin’ in the Rain
  42. Abbey Road
  43. T-shirt iron-on transfers
  44. Doing ‘the twist’ and other such dances
  45. Baking (as in cookies)
  46. Hugs
  47. Crisp apples
  48. Homemade pumpkin pie
  49. Flannel sheets
  50. Sourdough toast
  51. Everything bagels with cream cheese
  52. How much music my relatively small iPod can carry
  53. Starbucks toffee nut lattes
  54. Sleeping in freshly-washed sheets
  55. Taking the train, even if it’s just to commute
  56. Discovering a new band / author / TV show / series
  57. Hats
  58. Scarves
  59. T. S. Eliot
  60. Cinnamon buns with lots of icing
  61. A job well done
  62. Starbucks cranberry bliss bars
  63. New socks
  64. Vanier Park in Vancouver
  65. Sitting on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery in the sun
  66. Picnics
  67. High-tops
  68. Glue guns
  69. Headphones with volume controls along the cord
  70. Unnatural shades of hair dye
  71. Lip gloss that tastes like candy
  72. Autumnal shades of orange
  73. The Mackenzie King estate as the leaves are changing colours
  74. Free wireless internet
  75. Googly eyes
  76. The magic of blocking lace
  77. The sound of crashing ocean waves
  78. Starbucks and Chapters’ close commercial alliance
  79. Spring green
  80. Craft stores
  81. Cat’s eye frames
  82. Turbulence
  83. Wooden roller coasters
  84. Spinach pizza
  85. Spinach salad
  86. Gelato
  87. The "Rhapsody in Blue" section from Fantasia 2000
  88. Old records and the multitudes of possibilities therein
  89. Hot (as in fresh) samosas
  90. Self-striping sock yarn
  91. Traveling
  92. Ice skating
  93. Old sailing ships
  94. My friends
  95. My family


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