Sunday, February 12, 2006

This post is brought to you by the letters A through C.

Why yes, it is a Sunday with work to be done! You guys know me so well.

So! I am part of the Knittyboard ABC-Along, and I joined late and I am a horrible, horrible slacker. The idea is to post a new photo every two weeks, one for each letter of the alphabet. I am hardly the inspired photog Zib is, and I may still be unable to find the macro function on my camera, but how do you get to Carnegie Hall? So, without any futher ado, I give you the letters A through C. Click to see larger images.

A is for architecture.
I know zip, zero, nada, nuttin' about architecture. But . . . it's pretty. I like looking at the little details:

On the Sparks Street pedestrian mall.


I think this one's from the Parliament Buildings.

And one for my mom:

B is for beaver tail, and also biscotti.

If you have never had a beaver tail, oh you poor thing you. They are also known as elephant ears. They're large, flat pieces of dough that are deep-fried and then dipped in brown sugar, and eaten while still warm. Ohhhhh they're delicious.

Chocolate-hazelnut biscotti and a chocolate toffee latte. Mid-morning snack of champions. This is how you know you think about blogging too much: when you can't have a meal without photographing it.

B is also for . . . bats?

OK, I admit it. I saw this photo on Fark and just about lost it, and couldn't see not sharing it.

C is for canal.

The Rideau Canal, that is. We went skating on it ... two weeks ago?

It was very fun. I am not a half-bad skater, either - especially when you consider this:
Not sure if you can see, but all those shiny parts of the ground? Water. So it was kinda slushy. But I'd never been before, so I have no frame of reference. Was still lots of fun for me, and I didn't fall on my butt! Bonus.

Overview of the canal. This was a pit stop area, where we got our beaver tails.

Frame of reference: this is the river a few months back. I know, it's not the canal, but trust me, you don't want to see the canal in late summer.


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