Friday, June 09, 2006

Some people juggle geese!

Wednesday night I spent cavorting with my friends until the wee hours.

Last night I was working until 11:30 at the store. Every weekday we get a delivery in, normally before noon. It didn't come until 6:30 last night, and it was a big one - three and a half skids. I just realized this may be a regional thing. A skid is a also known as a pallette - think of those big wooden things that the merchandise sits on at Costco. Oy vey, my back.

Tonight I'm going to see Cabaret at the Stanley with my mom.

And I have 15 new messages in my inbox.

See what happens when I get a life? My internet time has gone way down. Tsk, tsk.

Oh, knitting? I've about halfway through the instep shaping on my mom's Aloe Vera socks. Oh my gosh - Vera. (Terrible link, but it gives you the info you need. And Mom'll get a giggle out of it.) She wanted the stripes to match up on the socks. I have never done this before, basically because I am lazy, but it's neat because this way I don't have to measure anything. I just know to start the heel at the end of the yellow stripe, and so on. So I didn't bother taking a new picture, but here is an artist's recreation:


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

1) Giggle (you KNEW I'd follow the link...)
2) Please note that I didn't DEMAND that my socks match, just that could they if at all possible?
3) Please be forewarned of comment negative to knitting (and reading, in particular while alone in your room) in lyrics of "Cabaret". Other than that, I think you'll like it.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

What? How dare they malign my two great loves? Ha, I keed, I keed. Knitters get giddy over ANY mention of knitting. And I'm sure it's balanced out by John Mann and Bob Russell.

At 6:28 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Uh, that would be Bob FRASER....

At 2:36 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Actually it's FRAZER. Sheesh. And I was close enough by my standards.


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