Sunday, March 18, 2007

The seventh skein

What's this? I'm posting? Are the planets aligned? Is there a lunar eclipse? Have the Four Motorcyclists Horsemen emerged? What's more, with knit content? Perish the thought! Or better yet, blame toggle. She posted this neat list, wherein you try to do a new thing for each day of the month and letter of the alphabet. This inspired me to think of my own, sad l'il blog.

Progress on knitting projects is slow. I feel the urge to work on a school project instead - yes, I convinced a prof to let me knit my final project for my Historian's Craft class. I'm still wondering how I managed that too. I'm stuck right now though - I've got this great idea in my head, but I messed up part of the piece. Naturally, this means that instead of taking out that bit, which is completely feasible and only took me about 2 hours, I've stopped working on it all together. Sigh.

When I do knit, I've been trying to stay loyal to big projects. My Vortex Street Pullover is in the final stretches. It's constructed in flat pieces, then joined to form a traditional Norwegian yoke shaping (sans colourwork). I'd just gotten to the joining, when my Denise interchangeable needle point SNAPPED. Well, not the point, but the CABLE. The points have holes that the cables fit into (snicker snicker), and it was at this point on the cable that it snapped, right near the end. I know the Denises have a lifetime guarantee, but I can't knit anymore on the sweater until I get my replacement piece. I'd show you a pic, but it just looks like a big pile of blue, to tell you the truth.

The cable panel is pretty cool, though not as clearly defined as I could have hoped for. This is understandable, given that the book's version is in cotton, which is obviousment INSANE.

I've also started redoing the Mo Jacket.

I have one front and the back done. Have I mentioned how much I lurrve 7mm needles?

And yes, I'm going to try toggle's idea. Here goes nothing.

A is for athleticism - swimming more often. I was going three times a week before reading week, but have only swam once since then. April 1 is a Sunday, which means I can't go swimming, but maybe I'll try to run.
B is for baking more bread.
C is for commitment, and working hard on my finals.

I'll post more as I get ideas / follow through. I don't want 26 promises tailing me for a week if I give up by April 5.

Friday, March 02, 2007

consider my mind BLOWN

You know that there’s probably a doppelganger of you somewhere in the world. But it’s pretty odd to find them sitting next to you in film class. Today we were discussing the movie 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, which is incidentally one of my favourite Canadian movies EVAR. If you don’t like the movie, or even Colm Feore in it, or even the music, you’re dead to me.

Anyway, Glenn Gould the person – not the character – is thought posthumously to have had Asperger Syndrome, which likely accounted for his numerous…eccentricities. And this fact is very interesting to me, for reasons that are soon to be revealed.

Previously, I’d made the point that the majority of males in Canadian cinema seem to be suffering from autism, which would really explain quite a lot. So I raised my hand today and said: “I don’t want to seem like a conspiracy theorist, but Gould’s thought to posthumously have been diagnosed with Asperger's…” and then blathered on about him and connections to other protagonists. Then a bit later a girl further along in my row raised her hand. She was about average height, with medium-long brown hair and glasses.

Her: “I just wanted to talk about what Sarah said, because I thought it was kind of interesting. I’m a Sarah too…”
Prof: “Well, we all think what Sarah says is 'special'.” [emphasis my own]
Her: “Well, I thought what she said about Asperger's was interesting, because my brother has Asperger's-”
Me: “Hey, mine too!”
Her: “Is his name Ian?”
Me: “No [giggling], it’s Liam!”
Entire class: “WTF, mate?”
Prof: [mock panic] “OK, let’s all go home now.”