Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fibre wench

(Note to Skrabadoo or my Secret Pal-ee [if you've discovered who I am] - if you want to be surprised, do not read this post until you get your packages.)

Yeah, I know, what a total steal of a post title off La Harlot. But the thing is, it's very fitting (for more than one reason!).

Reason numero uno: I have been cheating on my yarn. (Dun dun dun!!!!) With quilts. Hopefully my fibre karma balances out because I gave these quilts away. Here are the two quilts I made recently:

This is the pink one. I made it first. I designed the pattern myself (I know, how adorable!). I made it for the 5 Senses Craftster swap, where you pick a colour (mine was green) and then your partner makes something for each sense bouncing off that colour. For instance, my partner Skrabadoo picked baby pink, so for taste I picked out pink Jelly Bellies, and for sound I made a mix CD with happy, bouncy tunes. That sort of thing. The quilt was touch, especially because most of it is flannel (only the brown and pink stripes are otherwise; they're quilting cotton).

Here's the back (it's actually a gingham print, something I wish could be seen in the photo). I like the argyle effect here, one that isn't so strong on the front. This was originally designed as a argyle pattern after all; I call it Almost Argyle because any knitter worth her dpns could point out the numerous liberties I have taken with the traditional argyle pattern.

I think the issue with this one is the choice of colours on the front - there's a much greater contrast between the flowered stripes and the flannels than there are between the different flannels, so it looks more like boxes than argyles. Plus, the flannel is so much fuzzier, especially after washing, that I think you wouldn't get much definition to begin with. It's like knitting intarsia in mohair (pause to capture breath, cease fearful tears) - the fuzziness would overwhelm all your hard work.

Still, I really like the whole quilt. This is only the fourth quilt I've ever finished, and the first one that wasn't only squares. I also was a bit more adventurous with the quilting, creating that lovely effect on the back. I took some pictures of this quilt while it was in progress, so I hope to have a tutorial up here soon on how to make this quilt.

Here's the second quilt:

I would just like to say this now: I love this quilt. Love it. It was hard to give this baby away. It is the prettiest quilt I have ever made (and I'm humble, too). It's so pretty, let's see anyother photo:


See the changes that happen with different colours and fabrics? (No, I'm not sure when this turned into me teaching a quilting lesson either.) It's the same pattern as above, just that it's all cotton now, and obviously different quilting. Here's the back, to give you a more detailed idea of the quilting:
Oh, I loves it so. It's the most adventurous quilting I've ever done, and it worked! Both of these quilts are the same size, just a nice lap quilt to curl up under whilst knitting in the winter. This was part of the final package for the Secret Pal 8 exchange. And her "reveal" package is in the mail now, so I going to let the cat out of the bag . . . it was the lovely and (uber, uber!) talented Lara of Spinny Bunt Knits. Feel free to go over and check her out, but shhh! At least until she gets her reveal.

(My reveal is on its way. I am SO freaking excited.)

Oh, and reason number two why I'm a fibre wench?

My mom and I are going to see Ms. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee herself in Seattle tomorrow. Vibrating with joy right here. Yes, there will be pictures.


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

What's better than a road trip? A road trip with girls? A road trip where girls get fibre? Whoo-hoo!


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