Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas List

Well, I debated this for a while, but I've been told it's not rude or crass at my age to put up a list. So here we are. Please keep in mind I really do enjoy whatever I receive, especially a surprise.

What I would like for Christmas:
  • Time with my friends and family. I miss you people! Honestly, the best gift you could give me is a cup of coffee and an hour of your time.
  • An "experience" (I am already receiving this twice over- I'm going to see BNL[!!!] and a play.)
  • A hand-made quilt.
I know, I'm giving you all diabetes. Fine:
  • House of Leaves, by Mark Z. Danielewski
  • I can't find it on Amazon, but the Carleton bookstore had a highly useful-looking Procrastinator's Agenda.
  • Yarn. There is no such thing as bad yarn. However, a few pieces of info:
    • if it's more than 30% acrylic or cotton or "unknown fibre" (ew), it's probably not to my taste
    • if it's more than $6 or $7 a ball, I could find a less expensive substitute
  • DVDs:
    • Horatio Hornblower, especially Mutiny or Retribution
    • The Lion King or Beauty & the Beast (I don't need the special editions - just copied from VHS is fine)
  • Clothing: I am currently looking for V-neck sweaters and pants that aren't jeans.
  • Origami paper and/or plain white cardstock - small amounts are OK
  • Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush or Latvian Mittens: Traditional Designs and Techniques by Lizbeth Uptis
  • A subscription to BUST or ReadyMade magazine
  • And if you are still at a loss, gift certificates to Michael's, Chapters, Starbucks, or a local yarn store would of course be appreciated.


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