Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm sorry, pardon?

So, I was walking home the other day from my Thursday errands, just bopping along to my iPod. (Sidenote: it was 20 below! Didn't feel super cold, though - I officially love my winter jacket.) This little old lady was standing by the side of the road, and she looked at me and said something. I took off my headphones and said, 'Pardon?' She said something I didn't quite catch, and gestured like she was trying to get to the other side of the road. I asked, 'Would you like me to help you across the road?', like the good little Scout I am. She sort of indicated no, and made to move up onto the sidewalk. I offered the crook of my arm, and off we went down the sidewalk.

Now, I don't know if this lady was just highly accented or what, but I'm sure she wasn't speaking English all the time. Languages I think she may have been speaking:

1. French
2. Spanish
3. Portuguese
4. Greek
5. Italian
6. All of the above

She looked kind of Greek, and every once in a while I'd catch an 'allez' or whatever, but most of the time I had
no idea what she was saying - and she never stopped talking. We just went toddling down the road, me trying to be slow and gentle (she was maybe all of 5 feet tall) and let her lead. There were a few times when she would say something that sounded sort of English-y, and I'd ask her to repeat herself, and it would turn out she was asking me where my mother was. I told her Vancouver, and she went off in her soft little voice about Vancouver. It was really kind of nice: gorgeous and sunny out, doing a good deed, a nice reassuring grandma type at your elbow - what's not to like? (OK, technically it would have been better if there was a nice Orlando Bloom type at my elbow, but hey.)

Now, after a while I started wondering where we were going. Clearly I had no pressing engagements, but ... It was around that time she stopped in front of a gas station and sort of indicated I was to leave her. I stepped forward a bit and looked back, and she was making sweet little old lady gestures that clearly indicated 'go on, now'. I felt a bit like a kindly old dog in an old Disney movie that had to leave the farm and couldn't understand why. I don't understand that lady, but it was nice.

Today, I went to a craftsale. I didn't sell much (the table ren
tal was $10 and I sold $12 worth), but I guess it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I meant to get the photos up yesterday, but I was tired, dang it.

I did some t-shirts with iron-on designs. These were my
two favourite:

Speaking of apparel, I also made a ton of scarves, but they're pretty boring. Just garter stitch novelty yarn. Maybe someday when I'm not tired of uploading photos I'll show them.

I made these pins from old earrings. I sold the green one.

Knitting needles made from dowels and Sculpey.

Bowls made from melted records. I was amazed that people hadn't seen these before. Apparently to those who don't check Craftster every time they turn on their computers, this is a totally new innovation. And now that I don't leave them in the oven for ten minutes like I did the first time I tried it years ago, it's officially the easiest craft EVER. Seriously: the part that takes the longest, not counting going to the thrift store, is preheating the oven. I sold two of these; not the ones below. They're just my favourites.

Journals made from old record album covers. I made them with the coptic stitch so they open nice and flat. I made the bowls from the records that came with. It's so cool to be resourceful like that and get so much for $0.49, I think.

Both this one and the next one are from the soundtrack for 2001: A Space Odyssey. The top is my favourite of all the journals.


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