Thursday, October 27, 2005

Christian Bale, my bling and obligatory knitting content

Follow-up from the previous entry: I forgot to mention the doppelganger that first made me start taking note of all of those around me. That would be the Christian Bale doppelganger in my Europe class. No, you can't come sit in on the lectures. Mwa ha ha.

So, what else is going on in my life? Got my check for my prov. exam scholarship today. GAHHHH, I believe were my words, yea, when I behold the cheque. I've never had this much money in my life. (That would be $17.46, for any thieves in the audience. Canadian dollars, too. Not worth your time, really.) "Time for a trip to the yarn store!" I said*, and my aunt asked me why I can't go on a shopping spree to a jewellery store once in a while. Eh, she doesn't get it.

Any other hilarious antics to regale you with? (With which to regale you, I mean. God, I even annoy myself with this crap.)

Warning: knitting content ahead. Feel free to skip.

I'm approximately 75% of the way through a scarf for a swap on Craftster. I'm not feeling it so much but I have the feeling it's going to look AMAZING once it's blocked. I don't know how lace knitters slog through an entire pattern on tiny needles having no idea whether it's going to work or not. I just got Barbara Walker's first books of knitting patterns out from the library, and golly is that woman amazing. Over FIVE HUNDRED stitch patterns, and all annotated as well!

So, now that I don't even have ONE project off the needles, I am of course thinking about what to start next! I'm thinking about dropping the Corkscrew Scarf from Loop-d-loop. I enjoyed it to begin with, but let's face it: it is now a) tedious, b) useless, and c) not that soft. Plus, I'm using Patons Brilliant, which is a tubular yarn. Say it with me: THE END UNRAVELED. I have maybe one inch of workable yarn to weave in my ends. I got the yarn on clearance, so it was like 4 bucks. Just trashing it would be far more sensible both financially and sanity wise.

Knitting content done.

Oh, and speaking of Craftster swaps, I swore I wouldn't do any more. That very same day, I signed up for three. I know! I'm a madwoman! But these are nice swaps, with very clear objectives: Exchange a book, make a scarf, make a mix CD. The thing is, with the book one you have to include a reading-related item you crafted. Any ideas? It can be something to do with reading, like a bookmark or bookbag, or something with reading on it, like a t-shirt with Harry Potter on it. Any suggestions? I'm oh-so lost in a desert. A desert with . . . no ideas. Yeah. OK, I think I've spent enough time on the computer tonight. But like the smoking advocate on Family Guy: Comment! Comment! Why aren't you commenting?



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