Monday, September 12, 2005

First day of uni

Hooo boy.
I'm sitting in the quad at Carleton right now. It's my def'n of perfect weather:T-shirt + jeans + shady tree = lovely. It's plenty sunny. Some group called "the garden spot" is in the middle; presumably promoting gardens. In spots. It's gotten me ta thinkin': Ottawa is so very very green. They have gardens and such everywhere. And water, too: let's not forget school's in a sort of V between a river and a canal. BUT STILL. Vancouver, for being touted as such a glorious gorgeous city, is behind Ottawa in the city planning here. Imagine this: an experimental farm (Dep. of Agro) and ornamental gardens (Dep. of Public Spaces or some such thing) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CITY! And it's not even Victoria!
Still . . .
I want REAL water! Not ten feet wide of water! I'd take Centennial, which you can walk across when the tide's low. And mountains! Mountains make things so cozy and tucked-in.
Anyway, I don't really have anything to be so nervous about. I haven't been publicly humiliated at THIS school (yet). Yet my jaw hurts so bad. My aunt says she used to have this problem too, and that her dr. told her North American women carry their stress in their jaws. Ow ow ouch. Anyone have any tips on how to fix/help this?
I've only been to one class so far: Poli. Sci., which I had stress about when I was coming to school today but so far it seems heavy on theory. Interesting theory. The breakdown of marks is thus:
2 exams @ 20% each = 40%
4 ("short" - 7 to 10 pgs) essays @ 10% each = 40%
And the discussion sessions make up the remaining 20%, with 10% of that as attendance. The prof said MAYBE 5% of the students last yr got the full 10% for attendance, and even that doesn't require perfect attendance. C'mon, people!
Remainder of today: two hist. classes (Intro to Cdn Hist & Europe in the 20th C) and Intro to Film studies. Not to mention my Poli Sci disc. group which starts next week. I'm really certifiably crazy.
ANYWAY . . . comment!


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