Saturday, September 24, 2005

What's the story (evening) glory?

So, what has Sarah been up to? Other than talking about herself in the third person, nothing much, but let's see:
Went to the library yesterday and finally got a card. They carry Interweave Knits (knitting magazine), which is just fantastic, considering it was hard to find back in Van and therefore about as accessible as cold fusion out here. No one carries knitting mags. Crochet, sure, why not? Throw a rock and you hit a darn crochet mag, but knitting . . .
So, yes, got my card and nearly threw my back out going home with all the books I took out. I arrived at the library too early so I went to browse at the nearby pet store. I was thinking (theoretically) about getting a pet. I say theoretically because my cousin wants a pet but my aunt doesn't, so it wouldn't really be fair to my cousin if I got a pet. But in the realms of theory, what pet would I be getting? I was thinking about getting a gloriously red Siamese fighting fish and naming her Scarlett, because wouldn't that just be perfect? (If you don't get it, watch the movie Gone With the Wind, and all will be revealed.) I'd then get an icy blue one and name him Bowie. Better characters for Siamese fighting fish I could not imagine.
But when I got to the fighting fish (or Bettas as they were called - scientific friends, is this a P.C. name or an entirely different species?), they were A) all male, and I couldn't imagine having a male Scarlett or a Bowie without a Scarlett, and B) in these tiny tiny little bowls mounted to the wall so they wouldn't all kill each other. Make a fist. That's about how big their bowls were. And I think some of them were dead. None of them looked like the feisty ferocious fish I'd seen before and imagined.
So I started looking at other fish. (Anything more than a fish is too high-maintenance for me, I think. Plus there's allergies.) And I found these hilarious little goldfish called Black Moors. Obviously his name would have to be Othello. They also had a goldfish similar to the Black Moor with the buggy eyes except it was the traditional goldfish yellow colour. He would be Admiral Akbar (and yes, I was watching Return of the Jedi tonight).
I also went to (cue heavenly chorus, shaft of light breaking through clouds) Ikea yesterday. Bought a trashcan (which I desperately needed; you don't realize how much trash you accumulate until you have to think about what to do with it) for $2.99, a 10 pack of AA batteries for $2.99 (!) and a bookcase (see picture at right). Yeah, it was only $29 - what's with all the twos and nines? - and it's the perfect size. However, after putting it together, I must say I would never buy this bookcase again. (It wasn't a Billy, but I don't love the Billy line that much either.) First off, the backing is cardboard. Yes, I knew this when I bought it. In the future I might buy some nice wood or some cheap wood and a poster (wouldn't that look cool?) and back it. But still, people - when you brag about the strength of your products, why use materials you can punch through? It was very frustrating to put together because only half of the boards had pre-drilled holes in the sides, and when you're using an Allen key, that's important. And finally, half of the shelves are secured to the bookcase by resting on those little metal rods (they always remind me of LEDs). They don't roll off because they're supposed to have these little nails driven in with really big plastic heads. In theory.
They. Just. Wouldn't. Go. In.
My aunt suggested using this adhesive felt tape in place of the nails, which I did and think it probably works better then the original would have, especially since it was much quicker.
It wasn't really as negative as it sounds. It just wasn't as positive as Ikea assembly normally is.
Then I came home and watched the CSI premiere! Loved it, as usual, but two notes:
Sara left Nick alone at the scene whyyyyyyyyy? Because it was such a positive experience last time someone did that? (I know this just a way to show him bugging out - oh ha ha, I made a terrible Grissom-esque pun - but there are better ways to do this.)
Awwwww, mawwiage. Mawwiage is a dweam, wiffin a dweam - ahem. Duh, Catherine had the hots for Warrick. Television Without Pity nailed this last season. This just felt - off. The Sara / Grissom thing was bad enough. I feel like the writers are going somewhere with this; I just hope it's up.
Favourite line? Grissom's split-second reply when Catherine accused him of being perverse.
And yes, I did a happy happy joy joy dance when we saw the team together again in the beginning.
Wow, long post . . . there's got to be something here you can comment on!


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